Sebastien Laffargue started skating at about 8 years old, after few years skating with quad skates (roller-skates), he got a pair of inline skates in 1993. The same year he started slalom in Paris.
In 1996, he participated in his first competition in Switzerland, where he saw new style of slalom, which was involving small cones and small space. After this experience, he decided to practice this new style. As he was the only one to skate like this in France, he had to find his own tricks and develop his own style; that’s how he invented many slalom tricks. He improved very fast and won his first international competition in 1997; the same year, he won the biggest competition, Lausanne contest. After this victory, he won almost
all competitions that he joined, and became known in Europe. After few years, he decided to buy a video camera and he had the idea to use internet to show what is possible to do on skates and to share with other skaters in the world. The first videos were very successful, then he decided to make videos of each trick for people to learn slalom by themselves. Many skaters saw the videos
and started to practice slalom, especially in Korea; then China followed the move, and many skaters started to practice slalom on public places and universities. During this time Sebastien tried many different styles of skating, like Inline Downhill, Jump, Slides and Freeride skating.
This gave the opportunity to Sebastien to create his own skates with his own brand: SEBA. The first SEBA skates came out in Autumn 2005.
SEBA brand philosophy is to create high quality skates, made for skaters by skaters, tested and improved in real skating situations by the best skaters. SEBA brand is also supporting skaters, events all over the world and is a proud sponsor of World Slalom Series, the international freestyle slalom circuit.
The brand is now growing successfully in the world and keeps bringing new innovations to the skate industry.

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SEBA 936 Frame (CLASSIC)

Legendarna szyna freestyle dająca wszechstronne możliwości.

SEBA 976 Frame (DELUXE)

Najlepsze co możesz przykręcić do butów.


Lepsze niż najbardziej szykowne lakierki.