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Gyro Sonya 4pcs.

ECLIPSE have pearl color's polyurethane like as TITAN. The pearl blue and pearl pink color with twister shape of hub brings out the fairness of wheels.advantures in Wonderland. We let ALICE wheels have wonderland. You can see the sun, the clouds, winds on the ALICE. Let's go slalom-land with ALICE!
From €24.90

Gyro GFR Slalom 4pcs.

GFR SLALOM is the first slalom wheels of GYRO. GFR stands GYRO FREE RIDE and this express slalom's free spirit.

Gyro Titan 4pcs.

TITAN is a class of deities who preceded the Olympians in Greek mythology. TITAN is one of GYRO traditional wheels with GFR SLALOM and F2R. European specially like TITAN wheels.